5 Most Popular Places of Pilgrimage in Tamilnadu


Tamil Nadu, the Land of the Tamils, is the 11th largest state in India. Blessed with more than 33, 000 temples, Tamil Nadu, popularly called as the Land of Temples, has some grandest and revered temples in India. These temples have been a source of reverence for believers throughout the world. Most of the temples in the state are built in Dravidian style and are proof of the architectural genius of the bygone era. Besides being timeless architectural wonders, these temple towns reverberate with a divine energy that draws thousands of pilgrims throughout the year.

Trawell.in presents the 5 most sacred pilgrimage centers in Tamilnadu here.


Rameshwaram Sri Ramanatha Swamy Temple, one of the most famous Hindu temples in India, is situated on the Pamban Island in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu. Rameshwaram Temple is one of the most famous Shiva shrines in India and also one of the top places to visit in Rameshwaram. According to the legend, Rameshwaram is the place where Lord Rama, built a bridge across the sea with the help of vanaras to rescue his consort Sita from Ravana. This is also the place where Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva to cleanse away the sin of killing Ravana. Rameshwaram along with Dwarka, Puri and Badrinath form the sacred Char Dhams. Rameshwaram is also considered as Varanasi of the South, second only to Varanasi itself. However, a pilgrimage to Varanasi is not considered complete without a trip to Rameshwaram. The third corridor of Rameshwaram Temple is the longest one in the world and it also happens to be one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples. Agnitheertham, Gandamadana Parvatham, Dhanushkodi, Kothandaraswamy Temple and Erwadi are the popular places to visit in Rameshwaram.


Kanchipuram, also known as Kanchi, is a popular temple town in Tamilnadu. The town is known for its temples and silk sarees which are woven manually. Kanchi is famous for Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple and is the landmark of Kanchipuram. Kanchi Temple is one of the most famous South Indian temples and also one of the major religious places to visit in Tamilnadu. Kanchi served as the capital of Pallava dynasty, and most of the known temples were built during their reign. The temples of Kanchipuram are known for their architectural grandeur. The architecture of Kanchi monuments adorned with great sculpture work and unique style.


Chidambaram is a sacred town in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu. Famous for Thillai Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram is one of the most popular pilgrimage places in South India and also one of the best Tamilnadu places to visit. The Nataraja Temple in Chidambaram was built during the 11th century and is one of the most celebrated Shiva Temples in South India. Nataraja Temple has great religious as well as historic and cultural significance. This is one of the Panchabhoota Stalas signifying the five elements of wind, water, fire, earth and space. Lord Shiva is worshipped here in the form of Akasha Lingam, an embodiment of Shiva as the formless Space. Brahmotsavam, the annual chariot festival held in the month of April, is the popular festival celebrated at Chidambaram which attract large crowds. Natyanjali Dance Festival is another major festival held in the month of February in Chidambaram.


Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, also called as Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple, is one of the biggest and most popular temples of India and also one of the top pilgrimage places to visit in Tamilnadu. The Madurai Temple is considered an architecture marvel and was shortlisted as one of the top 30 nominees for New Seven Wonders of the World. The temple was built by Kulashekara Pandya of Pandya dynasty and was rebuilt by Viswanatha Nayak, the 1st Nayak king of Madurai. The complex is built over an area of 45 acres and is surrounded by 14 towers. There are several corridors, pillared halls and sub shrine inside the temple complex. The corridors and pillars are adorned with wonderful artwork of bygone era. The annual 10-day Meenakshi Tirukalyanam held in April and May, attracts 1 million visitors from all parts of India.


Kanyakumari, also known as Cape Comorin, is a coastal town in Tamil Nadu and is located at the southernmost tip of the Indian mainland. Kanyakumari has been a great center for art& culture for centuries and is also famous for Kumari Amman Temple. Considered as one of the Shakti Peethas, the Kumari Amman Temple attracts huge number of devotees every year. This is one of the best places to visit in South India and also one of the popular places of Pilgrimage in Tamilnadu. It is the only place in India where one can enjoy the unique spectacle of Sunset and Moonrise simultaneously on full moon days. The Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Gandhi Memorial, Thiruvalluvar Statue, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Suchindram, Vattakottai Fort, St Xavier’s Church and Udayagiri Fort are the top Kanyakumari Tourist places. The Chaitra Poornima Festival and Navratri are the major festivals celebrated in Kanyakumari with great pomp and fervor.


5 Most Popular Places to Visit in Madurai


Madurai is one of the oldest and the largest city in Tamilnadu. Referred as the cultural capital of Tamilnadu, the city is known for Madurai Meenakshi Temple and is considered as Athens of the East and Temple Town. Apart from being a pilgrim town, a popular tourist destination, a cultural hotspot and the erstwhile capital of the Pandyan dynasty, Madurai has been selected as one of the hundred Indian cities to be developed as a smart city under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship Smart Cities Mission. Trawell.in listed top 5 places to visit in Madurai

Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple

Meenakshi Temple is an old historic Hindu temple situated on the banks of the Vagai River. Dedicated to Meenakshi Devi and Shiva, it is the major landmark in Madurai and one of the top places to visit in Madurai. Porthamarai Kulam, the sacred temple tank and several halls. With Musical Pillars outside the thousand pillar hall, each pillar produces a different musical note when struck. Meenakshi Tirukalyanam festival is a ten day annual festival celebrated during April and May which allures huge number of devotees.

Thirupparankundram Temple

Thirupparankunram Murugan Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. Also called as Thirupparankunram Murugan Kovil, it is one of the six abodes of Murugan and considered as the first and foremost temple of Lord Muruga. It is a cave temple and the entrance is built with 48 Nayaka period pillars with artistic carvings. Regarded as the auspicious places for marriages, there is a belief that people who get married here get special blessings from Lord Muruga. Also, this rock cut temple has separate shrines for Lord Ganapathy, Shiva, Durgai, Vishnu and other deities.

Gandhi Museum

Gandhi Museum is a memorial museum for Gandhi located in Madurai and was inaugurated by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1959. Earlier, it was the palace of Rani Mangammal of Nayak dynasty and later it is converted into Gandhi Museum by the Gandhi Memorial Trust after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948. It is one of the five great Gandhi Museums in the country which depict the life of the Father of the nation. The museum houses blood stained dhoti that he was wearing at the time of his assassination along with photographs of his lifetime. A new wing has been constructed on the northern side which includes a library and open-air theater.

Thirumalai Nayak Mahal

Thirumalai Nayak Mahal is a beautiful palace in Madurai built by Thirumalai Nayak in 1636. Divided into Swargavilasa and Rangavilasa, it is one of the important tourist places to visit in Madurai. Enclosed with 248 pillars, the ceilings are decorated with large paintings showing Shaivite and Vaishnavite themes. The Darbar hall (courtyard) and the Natakasala (dancing hall) carry the original glory and are the prime attractions for tourists. The major and the remarkable part of this palace is the dome of Swarga Vilasa which lies beyond a huge courtyard.

Koodal Alagar Temple

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Koodal Alagar Temple is one of the ancient temple and the popular places to visit in Madurai. Also known as Arulmigu Koodalazhagar Thirukoil, the temple is one of the 108 Divyadesams (Vaishnavite Shrines) of the holy abodes of Vishnu. A unique feature of this temple is the three different postures of the same God. With beautifully carved ornamental windows, the temple attracts large number of devotees.

Top Places to Visit in Shimla

Shimla is one of the charming hill station and the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by pine, oak and deodar forests, Shimla is one among the most visited hill station in India. Amidst the lofty snow-clad Himalayan ranges surrounded by lakes and lush green pastures, a narrow railway links from Kalka to Shimla was introduced in 1924.Christ Church, The Mall, The Ridge, Jakhu Temple, Annandale and Kalka-Shimla Railway are the major and the top places to visit in Shimla and to explore Shimla Tourism.


Trawell.in listed top 6 places to visit in Shimla

Kalka-Shimla Railway

Started during the reign of Lord Curzon in 1903, Kalka-Shimla Railway was considered as the ‘Crown of Jewel’ of the Indian Railways during British times. Laid out on a 96 km long narrow gauge track that passes through 103 tunnels and across more than 800 bridges and viaducts, it is one of the most beautiful hill railways in India. With picturesque views of hills and the surrounding villages, a ride in the toy train is one of the top things to do in Shimla and Kalka-Shimla Railway was added to the UNESCO world heritage list in 2008. The Kalka–Shimla Railway was built to connect Shimla, the summer capital of India during the British Raj, with the Indian rail system. Now, Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and Kalka is a town in the Panchkula district of Haryana.

Christ Church

Referred as the second oldest church in North India, the Christ Church was designed in neo-gothic style and is one of the lovely places to visit in Shimla. The church has stained glass windows, which represents faith, hope, charity, fortitude, patience and humanity. With its architectural marvel and rich historical significance, the church remains one of the most important legacies of colonial India. Being situated at the most prominent road of Shimla, Christ Church is one of the most notable tourist spots and one of the important landmark of Shimla.

The Mall

Sited at the heart of the city, the Mall Road is one of the crowded and the busiest commercial areas of Shimla. With full of shops that sell woolen clothes, branded clothes, handicraft items, pottery items, jewellery, books, the Mall Road is the main street and famous place for shopping in Shimla. The Mall extends from Barnes court in the eastern side to Vice Regal Lodge in the western side, it is one of the major and top tourist places to visit in Shimla.


Positioned at a height of 6,117 feet, Annandale is a historical playground and is a favorite spot for cricket and polo. Named by Captain Charles Pratt Kennedy, it is quite a scenic spot as it gives a picturesque view of the Shimla city and its surroundings are occupied by deodar trees and oak trees. Annandale is famous because earlier the British used this as a playground for racing, polo, cricket and other entertaining activities. The playground at present hosts army exercise and parades, sports and Dussehra festival celebrations and also one of the prime places to visit in Shimla.

The Ridge

Situated in the heart of the Shimla, the Ridge is a large open space and one of the top and the major places to visit in Shimla. The Ridge connects the Mall road at the Scandal point on the west side and offers a panoramic view of the snowy mountains of Shimla. Sited along the Mall Road, the Ridge is hub for all cultural activities and also the venue for the famous summer festival held in April or May with colors and a riot of activities.

Jakhu Temple

Placed in the Jakhu Hill, Jakhu Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman and one of the main attractions in Shimla. Situated at an altitude of 2455m, it is the highest peak in Shimla and one of the popular places to visit in Shimla. A huge statue of Hanuman is built near Jakhu Temple and considered as the world’s tallest statue with 108 ft. height lies at the highest altitude of 8100 ft. The scenic view that surrounds this beautiful temple is absolutely breathtaking and splendid.

5 Top Beaches in Kerala


Kerala, popularly known as ‘God’s Own Country’, is sandwiched between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. The pleasant climate, serene beaches, tranquil stretches of backwaters, lush green hills and exotic wildlife, waterfalls, sprawling plantation,and paddy fields are the major attraction of Kerala Tourism. The state is among the top 10 tourist hotspots in the world and also one of the top Honeymoon destinations in India. Alleppey Beach, Varkala Beach, Bekal Beach, Cherai Beach and Kozhikode Beach are the famous beaches to visit in Kerala apart from Kovalam Beach.

Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach with its stunning beauty has become a hugely popular tourist attraction, located on the north-end of the Vypeen Island in Kochi. It is also called as the Golden Beach of Kerala and the Princess of Arabian Sea. Lined with luscious green coconut groves and paddy fields, this sandy beach is a unique combination of the sea and the backwaters, studded with seashells of various hues and shapes. The beach offers various water sports activities like water scooters, speed boats, snorkeling and canoe ride. Cherai Beach is famous among the people in Kochi and the must visit place in Kerala.

Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach is one of the most popular beaches and the major tourist places in Kerala. Situated between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Kozhikode Beach is blessed with wonderful scenery and peaceful, refreshing ambiance. The old lighthouse and two crumbling piers that run into the sea, adds the beauty of the beach and retain its old world charm. The beach offers common activities like sunbathing, windsurfing, para- sailing, beach walking, fishing, etc.

Varkala Beach

Varkala is a popular beach town as well as a place for pilgrimage in Kerala. Varkala Beach is one of the top and beautiful Kerala Beaches and also one of the top Tourist places in Kerala.The high red rocks, tall coconut trees along the sea side are amazing. It is believed that taking bath here wash away all sins.The beach also offers adventurous sports activities like water skiing and surfing. One can also visit the 2000 yearold Sri Janardhana Swamy Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the nature care center on the beach.


Bekal Beach

Bekal Fort Beach is an attractive and charming beach that lies in Kasaragod district of Kerala. The beach is popular for its backwaters, forts and scenic beauty. The beautiful stretch of the shallow beach has been developed as an exotic beach location by the Bekal Resorts Development Corporation (BRDC). The beach offers an amazing view of the grand Bekal Fort which stands on the shores of Arabian Sea. Bekal beach became a major holiday destination and one of the most renowned beaches of Kerala.

Alleppey Beach

Alappuzha Beach, also known as Alleppey Beach is one of the top places to visit in and is one of the top attractions of Kerala Tourism. Often referred as ‘Venice of East’, Alleppey is one of the popular destinations of Kerala Backwaters. The beach of Alleppey is also perfect for various water sports activities such as a motorboat cruise, surfing, diving, para-sailing and swimming in the blue waters of the Arabian Sea. This beach is also popular for the grand event of Nehru Trophy Boat Race that takes place every year in the month of August and it is the must include place to visit as part of Kerala tour packages.

5 Places to visit in Mysore apart from Mysore Palace


Mysore is the prevalent and the second largest city in Karnataka. It was considered as the erstwhile capital of Wodeyars of Mysore. Mysore is one of the top destinations of Karnataka Tourism and also one of the beautiful places of heritage in India. Mysore Zoo, Brindavan Gardens, Karanji Lake, Regional Museum of Natural history and St. Philomena’s Church are some of the major and important places to visit in Mysore apart from the famous Mysore Palace.

Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan Gardens of Mysore is undeniably one of the exceptional terrace gardens in South India and the various ought to go to Mysore Tourist Places. The Musical and dancing fountain is the principle attraction for the vacationers. Attractive lawns, annual flowerbeds, perennial flowering flora, ornamental hedges are maintained.The excellent time to go to the gardens is after sunset whilst all the shiny colorful fountains come alive.

Karanji Lake

Karanji Lake is a picturesque lake located at the footsteps of Chamundi Hills and behind Mysore Zoo. It is regarded as one of the biggest lakes in Karnataka and also one of the best tourist places in Mysore. The lake attracts painted storks, pelicans and darters and a host of other winged beauties. This is also one of the best place to visit as part of Mysore tour packages. Karanji Lake is owned and maintained by the Mysore Zoo Authority.It is considered a bird paradise that attracts many ornithologists and other nature enthusiasts.

Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo is famed to be one of the oldest and the largest Zoo parks in South India and also one of the famous locations to visit in Mysore. It is home to a wide variety of wild species and takes the credit score for fascinating large variety of site visitors with its wealthy breed of plants and fauna. It is also one of the top visited places as part of Mysore tours. Famous for breeding some very rare animals in captivity, it has a fine collection of animals like lions, tigers, hyena, deer, elephants, rhinos, king cobras and birds.

Regional Museum of Natural History

Regional Museum of Natural History is one of the famous and the magnificent tourist places in Mysore. Built in 1995, the museum was established to spread awareness about environment and its conservation. The museum famous flora, animals and geology of the southern vicinity of India along with topic-based totally participatory and interactive exhibits may be located at this museum. The museum offers an extracurricular hobby for colleges and promotes environmental consciousness. They additionally arrange movie suggests on topics related to herbal history.

St. Philomena’s Church

St. Philomena’s Cathedral is a Catholic church that is the cathedral of the Diocese of Mysore, India. The full name is the Cathedral of St. Joseph and St. Philomena. It is also known as St. Joseph’s Cathedral. It is one of the oldest and second largest churches in Asia. Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar III laid the foundation for St. Philomena’s Church in 1933 and was completed in 1941. The most attractive feature of St. Philomena’s Church is the spires. There are two towers or spires that are about 54 meters tall, which resemble the spires of St. Patrick’s Church of New York.

6 Breathtaking Sightseeing Places in Lonavala


Lonavala is a fascinating hill station in Pune district of Maharashtra. Lonavala separates the Deccan Plateau and the Konkan Coast. Lonavala and Khandala are the twin hill stations located near to each other. These are very popular monsoon destinations in India and also among the top summer getaways in Maharashtra. Lonavala offers an alluring and memorable experience of nature’s most gifted region. Surrounded by dense forests, waterfalls, lakes, Lonavala is frequented by all sorts of people, especially hikers and nature lovers. Lohagad Fort, Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves, Bhushi Dam, Kune Waterfalls,Tiger’s LeapandBedsa Caves, are some of the popular sightseeing places to visit in Lonavala. Here are some of the top tourist places to visit in Lonavala.

Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort is a historical fort situated along the Sahyadri hills in Lonavala, Maharashtra. It is one of the best places to visit in Lonavala and also one of the popular forts in Maharashtra. The fort separates the Indrayani basin from the Pawna basin. It is one among the popular places of trekking near Pune & Mumbai. Lohagad Fort was designed in the shape of tail of a scorpion. The fort has four entrances, namely Maha Darwaja, Ganesh Darwaja, Hanuman Darwaja and Narayan Darwaja. Malavli is the base of the trek, which is around 7 km from Lohagad. This fort offers aerial views of Karla, Bhaja caves and Pawna Lake.

Kune Falls

Kune Falls is a scenic waterfall in Lonavala and also one of the popular places of Lonavala sightseeing. The waterfall is surrounded by lush green vegetation and provides a great visual experience. The Kune Falls cascades down from a height of about 200 meters and the highest drop of this 3-tier waterfall is about 100 meters. The falls attracts tourists in large numbers during the rainy season when the waterfall is in its full form. It is one of the popular tourist places near Pune and also one of the best waterfalls near Mumbai.

Bhaja Caves

Bhaja Caves or Bhaje Caves are a group of 22 rock-cut caves dating back to 2nd century BC. Located at Bhaja, thesecaves are located on an ancient trade route. These protected monuments are one of the top places to visit in Lonavala and among the well-known tourist places to visit near Pune & Mumbai. The notable feature of the caves is its group of 14 stupas, which enfold an irregular excavation with five stupas inside and nine outside. There is also a waterfall near the caves where tourists refresh themselves with a dip.

Tiger’s Point

Tiger’s Leap, also known as Waghdari is a scenic viewpoint situated near I.N.S Shivaji in Lonavala. The point derives its name from its resemblance to the shape of a leaping tiger. There is a small waterfall near to this viewpoint, which flows during the monsoon season only. When the stream flow is medium, the place offers adventure activity like rafting. The place is perfect for trekking as it offers spectacular views of the surrounding valley. The sunrise and sunset views from here are mesmerizing.

Bhushi Dam

Bhushi Dam in Lonavala is a masonry dam built in late 1860s for the Great Indian Peninsular Railway as a source of water for their steam engines. Khandala and the reversing station of the railway. Located in the backdrop of scenic hilly terrains, Bushi Dam is one of the top places to visit in Lonavala and also a popular places to visit near Mumbai. The place is visited during the monsoon season. There is a waterfall located close to the dam, which is formed when the water gushes out through the dam during the monsoon months.

Karla Caves

The Karla Caves are a complex of ancient Buddhist rock-cut caves located in Lonavala, Maharashtra. The caves are excavated nearly 100 m on a high spur on the north flank of the Indrayani valley. Karla is one of the most famous centers of early rock-cut architecture in India and also one of the best Lonavala tourist places. The cave complex consists of 16 rock cut excavations of which cave 8 is the chaityagriha, the grandest and the largest of all the chaityagrihas of India. There are well carved sculptures of humans as well as animals. The arched entrances and vaulted interiors are the main highlights of the caves. The complex also houses a2nd century BC Buddhist monastery.

6 Top Places to Visit in Jaipur


Jaipur, also known as the Pink City, is the capital of Rajasthan state, the cultural capital of India. Along with Delhi and Agra, Jaipur forms the Golden Triangle of India Tourism and it also serves as a gateway to other tourist destinations in Rajasthan such as Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Udaipur. With its vibrant colours, culture and the city’s historic monuments that boast of its glorious past, chivalry and valour of Rajput kings, Jaipur has become one of the top tourist destinations in India for both national and international tourists. Let us uncover some of the best places to visit in Jaipur here for a memorable journey.

Amer Fort

Amer Fort or Amber Fort is one of the most impressive forts of Rajasthan and also one of the prime places to visit as part of Jaipur Tour Packages. Built by Raja Man Singh I, the architecture of Amer Fort is influenced by both Hindu and Muslim styles. Overlooking the beautiful Maota Lake, the fort was built using red sandstone. Known for its ornamented pillars and delicate mosaic work in Diwan-e-Khas, splendid ivory and sandalwood work in Sukh Niwas, elegant frescoes and fascinating latticed work in the Ganesh Pol or a spell binding glass work in the Sheesh Mahal, Amer Fort is incomparable as far as the artistic skills of the artisans and designers of the Rajput era.

City Palace

City Palace is one of the most elegant and one of the most popular Tourist Places in Jaipur. Built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the City Palace reflects Rajput, Mughal and European architectural styles. This beautiful palace complex comprising numerous edifices, vast courtyards and attractive gardens, is a souvenir of the magnificent history. Surrounded by huge walls, the most noticeable structures in the City Palace complex are the Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal, Maharani’s Palace, Sri Govind Dev Temple and the City Palace Museum.Most of the palace is the residence of the descendants of the former rulers of Jaipur, only the ground floor is allowed for visitors where the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum is located.

Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall Museum, also called as Government Central Museum, is one of the oldest museums in the state of Rajasthan and among the famous Jaipur Tourist Places. It was built by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II during the visit of the Prince of Wales, Albert Edward to Jaipur in 1876 and was completed in 1887. With its beautifully elaborate domes and carved arches constructed from inlaid sand stone, this museum houses 19,000 historic objects and has various collections like metal ware, ivory work, lacquer work, jewellery, textiles, pottery carved wooden objects, arms and weapons, clay models, sculptures, educational, scientific and zoological objects, tribal costumes, ceramics, oil and miniature paintings, inlay work, musical instruments, clocks and marble statues.

Hawa Mahal

Often referred as the Palace of the Winds, Hawa Mahal is the iconic landmark of Jaipur and one of the popular places to experience Jaipur Tourism. Built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799, the palace was designed in the form of the crown of Krishna by Lal Chand Ustad. Constructed in Rajputana architectural style with red and pink sandstone, Hawa Mahal is an architectural masterpiece with over 900 windows or jharokhas decorated with intricate latticework. The main intention of the lattice was to allow royal ladies to observe day to day life in the street below without being seen. The most unique feature about the palace is the fact that at all times a light breeze passes through it.

Jantar Mantar

Built in 1738 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, Jantar Mantar is another famous places to visit in Jaipur. Holding the status of UNESCO World Heritage site, it is considered to be one of the largest observatories and features the world’s biggest sundial ‘Samrat Yantra’. Jantar Mantar is famous for its intriguing sculptures and structures, made of stone and brass based on the astronomical design principles of Hindu texts of astrology and modern science.

Birla Mandir

Located at the foot of the Moti Dungri Hill, Birla Mandir is one of the most popular religious places in Jaipur. The temple, built in white marble, is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Also known as Lakshmi Narayan Temple, the exteriors of the temple are carved with beautiful sculptures based on mythological themes, while the interiors have a large marble panel portraying mythological events. Surrounded by lush green gardens, the temple looks stunning, when it is brightly lit in the night.