5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Chikmagalur


The South Indian state of Karnataka gives some of the most lovely hill stations inside the united states of america like Coorg & Chikmagalur. Also called Chikkamagaluru, it’s far one of the maximum famous hill stations near Bangalore and additionally one of the high-quality places to go to in Karnataka. It is located within the Deccan Plateau with an altitude of three,400 toes on the foothills of Mulliyangiri range. The Western Ghats start from this region and the Yagachi River is originated from the surrounding hills of Chikmagalur.

Chikmagalur is well-known for its serene environment, lush inexperienced forests and tall mountains. Also referred to as the Coffee Land of Karnataka, Chikmagalur is the location wherein espresso changed into cultivated for the first time in India. Situated amidst the dense and picturesque jungles of Western Ghats, there are numerous locations to go to in Chikmagalur, so one can make your getaway a calming one. Chikmagalur is also famous for a number of the adventurous treks.

Here is the list of some beautiful Chikmagalur Tourist Places:


Mullayanagiri, the highest peak in Karnataka, is located in the Chandra Dhrona Hill Ranges of the Western Ghats in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. It is seemed as the highest mountain peak among Himalayas and Nilgiris. Situated at an altitude of 1950 m, Mullayanagiri is seemed as one of the exceptional locations of hiking in Karnataka and the various top places to go to in Chikmagalur. The height is named after a small temple at the summit, which is devoted to a Tapasvi Mullappa Swami.

The location is perfect for the ones seeking out solitude in addition to for adventure freaks. The place offers activities like mountain biking, trekking and street biking. The hiking expeditions have all the elements of an adventurous time out. Exotic flora characterises these nature trails. The perspectives from the top of the hill are breathtaking. This is the best Places to visit near Bangalore.

Baba Budangiri

Baba Budangiri, also called Dattagiri & Chandra Drona Parvatha, is a mountain top in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. Located inside the Baba Budangiri range, this is one of the maximum mountain peaks in Karnataka at an altitude of 1895 meters and additionally a number of the pinnacle locations of hiking in Karnataka. It is one of the popular places to enjoy Chikmagalur Tourism.

Named after the Muslim saint Baba Budan Ji, Baba Budangiri is well-known for its awesome woodland range and also famous for trekking and trekking. There is a famous hiking trail between Mullayanagiri and Baba Budangiri. Adventure seekers can hike through the wooded area to visit the ancient shrine of Deviramma Betta. This place is also critical for Hindus as Dattatreya Peetha. A cave right here is thought to have been the residence of Sri Dattatreya Swamy. An annual Jatra or Urs is attended by using each Hindus and Muslims.

Hebbe Falls

Hebbe Falls, one of the famous Chikmagalur traveler locations, is a first rate waterfall positioned in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. Situated inner Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Hebbe Falls is surrounded by dense forest and espresso plantations. This is a great area to enjoy a relaxed holiday within the backdrop of nature.

It cascades down from a peak of 550 ft in two degrees to form Dodda Hebbe and Chikka Hebbe. This falls is created by way of the springs generated within the mountains. A pool is formed by way of the waterfall underneath the second one level which allows visitors swim and play in the water. It is believed that the waters of those falls are infused with herbs and might cure pores and skin illnesses. Taking a clean tub inside the herb-infused water is popular some of the site visitors.

Kudremukh National Park

Kudremukh is a countrywide park placed within the pristine environs of the Western Ghats near Chikmagalur in Karnataka. The park, positioned at an altitude of round 1849 meters, is some of the pinnacle destinations for hiking in Karnataka. The park has serene and slight climate even summers additionally. Kudremukh literally method Face of Horse, so named for the motive that it has precise shape of the Kudremukh height.

The complete place is thickly protected with dense forests including tea and coffee plantations. Three rivers Tunga, Bhadra, and Nethravati originate at this vicinity. Along with tigers, the park is home to several other wild animals which includes leopards, bears, deers and gaurs.

Kalhatti Falls

Kalhatti Falls, additionally called Kalhattagiri Falls, is stunning waterfalls placed at Kallattipura in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. It is one of the astonishing waterfalls in Karnataka and also one of the picturesque locations to visit in Kemmanagundi. The waterfall cascades down from a peak of over four hundred feet through the Chandra Drona Hills in front of the Veerabhadreshwara Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It gives an splendid view of the surroundings valleys.

Located close to Kemmanagundi, Kalhatti Falls is likewise a favorite spot for the trekkers who perform their hiking sports at the adjacent hills and mountains. There are dazzling hiking trails that meander through dense woodland. There is a trail across the cascade that lets you trek all the way up and atop the falls. Offering plenty of sightseeing points of interest, the areas around the falls make for best places for camping too. These are the best Places to visit in Chikmagalur.


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